Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bootie Call~ Couples baby shower!

We hosted a couples baby shower for some of our best friends back in November and had a blast! I got the color scheme from some napkins I found at Target! I tell you inspiration is everywhere!  Fall is my favorite time of year, so it wasn't hard to decorate for this fall colored party! I have to admit I LOVE these invitations. They were a folded design and turned out really cute and pretty funny!


couples shower front copy

Inside Left

couples shower inside left copy

Inside Right

couples shower inside copy

IMG_3530 IMG_3532IMG_3535IMG_3536

Amazing cookies by my OH SO TALENTED aunt. . . they matched the invitations exactly! Please go look at her awesome Cookie Art you will be blow away!  


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Stephanie Norcross said...

I'd be super interested in using these invitations for an event I'm hosting. Are your designs able to be purchased?