Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Kate's First Birthday & Brunch ~ Invitation

This may possibly be the cutest invitation I have created to date. I'm sure it has nothing to do with my skills and everything to do with the sweet picture of baby Kate!

Moving Announcements ~ New Address

Shana Davis~ Baby Shower

Simple, yet girly. That is what I was going for with these cute little postcard invitations.

Graduation Annoucement

A great celebration requires and equally awesome invitation. This was designed for my friend Holly's dad who was graduating college for the first time. I used the ASU colors and tried to make it have a "manly" appeal .

Kylan's 5th Birthday~ Invitations

For Kylan's 5th birthday, the theme had to be fun, and it had to reflect his outgoing personality. What better way to do that than with a rockstar theme? These vivid and bright invitations were a perfect fit for Kylan's personal attitude and reflected the theme of the upcoming party.

Luau Theme ~ Wedding Shower

For this luau themed couples wedding shower invitation, I used bright tropical feeling hues and a palm tree to convey the event's theme.

Konnor's 2nd Birthday~ Invitations

Konnor is a busy little guy who loves to be outside. The invitations are very boy-ish and really reflect Konnor's personality and the party theme.

~Crib Cards~

Your new baby will make a statement when on lookers visiting the hospital nursery see this personalized crib card proclaming your baby's name and info.

Crawfish & Shrimp Boil and Honey Do Shower

I designed these for a guy who was hosting a couples "Honey Do" shower and the theme was a crawfish & shrimp boil.

Katelyn Elizabeth Graham~ Birth Announcements

Kate's announcements were the first birth announcements that I designed. I was honored that Kristen & Brett let me create the all important announcements! I came up with several different designs, but the one right below won! I also posted the runner ups. They turned out really cute, just like Kate!

Cole's First Birthday~ Invitation

I created this vibrant photo invitation for my Friend Leslie's little boy's first birthday. The theme was a summer pool party, so I focused on summertime hues to keep this invitation bright and happy.

Square Enclosure Cards

These little cards are great for sticking in or on gifts. Your address can be printed on the back also.

More notecards

~Notecard Designs~

Amber's Baby Shower Invitations

For my friend Amber's baby shower invitations I wanted to repeat the colors she was using for the nursery in the invitation design. I also incorperated the Baby's Name, Jace Sanders Sutton, by using a monogram on the invitation and on the hang tag.

The custom designed invitation was enclosed in a chocolate brown half-moon pocket folder. To decorate the outside of the pocket folder I used a 3' patterned sash and tied a aqua blue colored ribbon with a cute mongrammed hang tag.

Booklet Cover


One of the easiest ways to customize and convey the attitude of an event is by having your own personal monogram created. Here are a few that I have done in the past.