Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wall cling designs

This is the baby bedding

jens baby bedding

and these are my coordinating wall cling designs

36"x24" ~ $100


48"x32"~ $125

#1~ Busy Boy Design

archer wall cling copy

#2~Simple Airplane Design

archer wall cling2 copy

#3~ Contemporary Name Design

archer wall cling3 copy

I think the colors in the picture of the bedding from the BRU web site are a little lighter than they actually are. It is hard to see when they are this small, but the geometric border on the wall cling matches the geometric square exactly on the bedding. And the bedding and accessories have airplanes, trucks, cars and sailboats on them also. 

The repeated quote on the first and third designs say: "our heart, our soul, our pride, our joy, our boy". . .isn't that sweet!! I just repeated it in different fonts to make it look a little more interesting.

I can customize these for any room and any occasion! They make great gifts! They look great over a crib or bed. They are large enough to definitely make a statement and can be used on large walls as a focal point. And don't forget they are so easy to hang and removable and reusable! No nails and no commitment! I just love this product!

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kristen g. said...

I love these wall clings!