Friday, April 17, 2009

New! Wall Clings!!

I designed this . . . .

wall cling copy

. . . . and this came in yesterday!


It looks better than I expected! The white part is just what the cling is adhered to for shipping and storage, the cling looks identical to my design above. It coordinates with the bedding for the baby's room so well! I can't wait to put it all together!! I am going to stick it over the crib, I think?

This is a new product called a wall cling. The material it is printed on is a cross between a paper and a fabric, it has a matte finish. It has a low tack adhesive on the back of the cling that sticks to any flat, smooth surface. It is easily applied and removed as many times as needed! You keep the white sheet (see pic) that the cling comes on and when you can pull it off the wall you just stick it back on the white sheet and store it till you need it again. . .I am thinking this is a great idea for art for the holidays!!  I am loving that you can stick this to the wall and not have to worry about putting nail holes in the walls, and if it's crooked you just peel it off and try again!!

This is a 36"x24" size, but you can get even larger ones.  I have decided that I will custom design these and sell them for $100 (for the 36"x24" size). Let me know if you are interested. And pass the word around. I am really impressed with this product and I think a lot of people will like it too! I am working on one for a little's girls bedroom right now! It's going to be super cute, it's black and white and pink!!

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Whit and Bradley said...

I love it!! That is a wonderful idea! I think the holiday clings will go over really well!