Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Custom Recipe Cards

Here's an idea I've been toying with lately.  I think they'd make great gifts, what do you think? This example is 4"x6", I also did a 3"x5" but that is really small! Click on the picture to see it larger.

aunt judy recipe cards copy

My Aunt Judy has not received these. . . yet. But, I had to use somebody's name when I was playing with the design! I suspect that when she see's these, she will be making a request for some!


Judy Jernigan said...

Yes, you are right!!!!!! These are just darling and thank you for using my name.........where are the recipe cards? Love you, Aunt Judy

Ren said...


Custom paper is goods. Choose two sets of these custom recipe cards to create a kitchen logo that makes the perfect gift. Thanks...

custom recipe cards